About Us

About Us

Who We Are?

Melbourne Central Conveyancing is a conveyancing firm based in Springvale, Victoria and was founded in the year 2019. We specialize in offering professional conveyancing services to both residential and commercial property owners.

Our main aim is to attend to the transfer of a property between Vendors and Purchasers and ensure a smooth transaction. We always do our due diligence and follow the right process while opening a file. Some of the processes involved are as follow:

1) Check contract of sale
  • (a.i.1.a) Check whether client signed the contract.
  • (a.i.1.b) Check the section 32 and special conditions.
  • (a.i.1.c) The date of the contract signed by the purchaser and the vendor.
  • (a.i.1.d) Check the type of the property that has been purchased.
  • (a.i.1.e) Check the finance date and the settlement date.
  • (a.i.1.f) Conduct an identity verification for the client and check whether this purchase is his first property.
2) Principle Place of Residence or an investment
  • (a.i.1.a) Check whether purchaser and vendor are related and the source of the purchase money.
  • (a.i.1.b) Request purchaser to sign the documents in due time.
  • (a.i.1.c) Order the relevant certificates from authorities prior to the settlement.

Melbourne Central Conveyancing holds Professional Indemnity Insurance.