• Our Experience is the Key

There are numerous possibilities when it comes to finding someone to help you with the purchase or sale of a home. This specialized professional service is provided and performed by Licensed Conveyancers in Victoria. Conveyancing services are also available from solicitors, and some people try to do it themselves. Victorian property law is a sophisticated field of law that is not often simple, and because Australian property rules differ from state to state, a little understanding can be dangerous, especially when buying and selling property in Victoria.

  • We’re here to help

When it comes to purchasing a property, there can be a lot of hazards and potential issues. Vendor Statements (Section 32 statements) are only bound by law to mention specific facts, and in many circumstances, due to the restricted nature of disclosure, simply responding to the seller's documentation is insufficient to assure that you get what you pay for. Similarly, what is mentioned in the advertising by Real Estate Agents operating on behalf of their Vendor (seller) may not always make it into the Contract of Sale to you, the Purchaser. Conveyancers with experience and qualifications can help you ensure that all of the key features of your transaction are addressed.

  • Buying – What We Can Do for You

On a daily basis, we deal with real estate transactions. Based on our over 25 years of expertise and knowledge with the process, we have created a highly organized and specialized procedure that allows us to assist you and guarantee that you receive what you paid for in a timely way.

We save your time by working with government agencies, real estate brokers, banks, and seller's representatives in a proactive manner.

While Real Estate Agents work for the Vendor, we work hard to guarantee that they do not take advantage of you from the beginning.

We keep you informed about the important steps in your transaction, such as financing approval and settlement.

We actively supervise the acquisition of your new home so that if any difficulties emerge, we can address them immediately without delaying your closing.

We communicate with you about the Contract of Sale in order to assist you in keeping the furnishings and fixtures that you expect to come with the house and to negotiate any contract changes on your behalf. We notify the respective Statutory Authorities, such as Land Victoria, the State Revenue Office, the Local Council, and the Water Authorities, of your processing.

We are dedicated to simplify conveyancing for you. For your convenience, we do online transactions.
When you are buying a property, we attend to the following:

·         Contract of sale signed – Original copy of COS and Section 32 to be provided by client or agent.
·         Provide the engagement letter with the client authorisation form to the purchaser
·         Check the subject to finance date expired
Complete the ID verification
·         Send Pexa invitation to the vendor
·         Caveat lodged if instructed by client and contract allows
·         Request SRO form the vendor
Complete the SRO form and send it to purchaser to execute
·         Check whether mortgage requirements Arrange
·         Deposit release statement received and sent to Purchaser with advice (if applicable)
·         Other searches completed
·         Prepare Transfer of Land and Notice of Acquisition in Pexa
·         Invite the client and the mortgagee to the pexa workspace
Complete the Stamp duty in Pexa
·         Statement of Adjustments and Settlement Statement prepared and sent to Vendor
·         Statements and account details sent to Purchaser
·         Final inspection carried Out by Purchaser
·         Purchaser and Real Estate agent advised of settlement
·         Notices – Relevant authorities notified of change of ownership
·         Final Letter confirming Settlement