We are dedicated to simplify conveyancing for you. For your convenience, we do online transactions.
When you are buying a property, we attend to the following:

·         Contract of sale signed – Original copy of COS and Section 32 to be provided by client or agent.
·         Provide the engagement letter with the client authorisation form to the purchaser
·         Check the subject to finance date expired
Complete the ID verification
·         Send Pexa invitation to the vendor
·         Caveat lodged if instructed by client and contract allows
·         Request SRO form the vendor
Complete the SRO form and send it to purchaser to execute
·         Check whether mortgage requirements Arrange
·         Deposit release statement received and sent to Purchaser with advice (if applicable)
·         Other searches completed
·         Prepare Transfer of Land and Notice of Acquisition in Pexa
·         Invite the client and the mortgagee to the pexa workspace
Complete the Stamp duty in Pexa
·         Statement of Adjustments and Settlement Statement prepared and sent to Vendor
·         Statements and account details sent to Purchaser
·         Final inspection carried Out by Purchaser
·         Purchaser and Real Estate agent advised of settlement
·         Notices – Relevant authorities notified of change of ownership
·         Final Letter confirming Settlement