You've come to the correct place if you're looking for an expert conveyancer. We are Melbourne conveyancers that can assist you with the selling of your property in Victoria, Australia.

We specialize in making the sales process clearer and more understandable. You must retain us as your conveyancer once you have hired an agent. To get started, simply contact us at 0455475491 or fill out our contact form.

Please contact us through email or phone if you have any questions. We are ready to assist you with your sale.

Our primary goal is to safeguard your interests, and our services may include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Making property inquiries and ordering certifications and searches;
  2. Preparation of Section 32 Vendor's Statement and Contract of Sale; 
  3. Communication with agent;
  4. Communication with bank; 
  5. Preparation of Transfer of Land and related Goods Declaration; 
  6. Coordinating the settlement with all parties involved;
  7. Checking over the statement of adjustments;
  8. Notifying authorities that the property has been sold and maintaining regular contact with you to update you on the sale's progress.
  9. Work on arranging for the release of deposit funds prior to settlement has begun.
  10. Organizing a mortgage clearance in connection with the sale
  11. Bringing the settlement date forward or requesting a settlement date extension.

This is not an accurate summary of the services we can provide for you, but we hope it gives you an idea of the extent of our capabilities.